Extremevisuals is a Professional Photographic Company specialising in Watersport and Corporate Photography

Bookings can be made either for you and a few friends enjoying a day out on the water,hourly rates are available. Or if you are organising a Corporate or team building event, day rates are available. Either way please use the booking link in the menu.
If you would like any further information please send an E-mail to info@Extremevisuals.co.uk


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Fuerte July 16254 Fuerteventura John Lewis Corporate
Saunton Beach Croyde Quays - 68 Lizzie Hoad
Sandbanks 9th October 119 Sandbanks 9th October windfest 120910-2 117 Windfest SUP Beach Races
Windfest 110910 -3 229 Windfest SUP Pro Race Windfest 110910 067 Windfest SUP Fun Race
windfest 120910-2 024 Windfest Wakeboarders Windfest 120910 262 Animal Windfest Freestyle Windsurfers
Windfest 10910 255 Freestyle Windsurf Comp at Animal Windfest Steve Thain FCWatersports
Sandbanks Beach Polo 102 Sandbanks Beach Polo
A small selection from our images should you have a specific need please contact us
Sandabnks 6th June 41 Sandbanks 6th June
KitetheChannel 315 Andy Ward Kite's the Channel
Congratulations to Andy for completing his epic challenge
Kitesurfing Kitesurfing
Here is a portfolio of some shots taken at Sandbanks,Dorset
MARK0305 Windsurfing Quays - 67 Wakeboarding
Corporate Events Photoshop